Garden Field Juice


Garden Field Juice Co. is a newly established pressed juice company based in Melbourne, committed to producing healthy juices and smoothies using only fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ready to launch their innovative juice range, Garden Field Juice Co. needed their whole brand identity to be developed from the ground up, including logo design, website and packaging. Their goal was to appeal to a young, health conscious audience in a playful way, while communicating the high quality of their products.


The core mark designed is the synthesis of what they deliver: freshly pressed juices that preserve the integrity of their ingredients. Like drinking straight out a piece of fruit.

This bespoke icon complements Garden Field Juice logo design and it can be used on its own when the brand needs to appear on very small items.


Minimal and modern design complements the naturally vibrant colours of the juices.

A recognisable brand architecture has been designed to suit small packaging and a versatile set of icon has been created to be used successfully across different media, such as labels, website, social media and advertising material.

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