Perennis Flowers


 Perennis Flowers is small-scale flower farm located an hour east of Melbourne that started out supplying their produce to local markets and florists. As their business grew and started selling some of their flowers to bigger retailers (B2B) and online (B2C), they felt the need for a professional-looking logo and branding design.

They wanted to be able to show potential customers that they were an established, trustworthy business. 

The end result is a sleek and sophisticated logo that reflects the premium produce they grow. It was important for the brand mark to be flexible and adaptable to many different mediums (flower sleeves, outdoor sign, website & social media, ect.).

Ramarro Farm Packaging design
Label design

In addition to the standard retail labels, we have created a design system that allows the growers to independently generate labels for small batches that still look consistent and refined, without the need of a professional.

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